nemesisn4sa (nemesisn4sa) wrote,

i think i'd be good for you and you'd be good for me

a long time ago in a different life of mine, i sat with a group of friends and we went a around in a circle and listed our top five albums of all time. then we went around again and did 6-10. we kept going until each person had listed their top twenty. i know if i were to play this game now, a lot of my answers would be different, but i still think pinkerton would fall somewhere on the list. it is one of those albums that is perfect, start to finish. also, very possible weezer's last good album. they keep trying though, which you gotta at least give them credit for that.

the past two weeks at work have been so wretchedly awful, i cannot even begin to express it. there has just been far too much to do and not enough time to do it. and now i'm sick. again. i blame the non-stop pace at work and the fact that everybody at work is sick. i hate it. i've contemplated looking for a new job, but i'm reading "yes, you too can have a financial life!" by ben stein and some other guy and it makes me realize the value of the steady job i have. it doesn't seem worth it to look for something new. the worst part about the book is that it starts out with all of the things you need to do in your twenties to have a good financial life and i haven't really done any of them. i was hoping the next section would be about what to do if you've fucked up the first part, but it doesn't really go into detail. it does make me glad that we bought a house. and really i'm not in such awful shape, especially since one of my benefits through work is a pension. sigh. i hate being a grown-up most of all, and here i am stuck in the middle of it.

we'll be dog-sitting for roza this week. his new dog, sam the sharpei, is the total opposite of my dog. sam is calm, quiet, easy going. huggabear is a wild, untamed beast. i've tried to prepare the cat for this, but he's so pissed off that he has to live with one dog that i think he's just ignoring what i say in the hopes that i'm just telling stories to scare him. i have a feeling that there won't be a lot of sleep this week.
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