nemesisn4sa (nemesisn4sa) wrote,

rza asked me, like he don't know...

Comment here and I will choose 7 interests I am curious about. Respond in your journal.

anais nin
i forget what inspired me to list this exactly, but i love anais nin. she tells such dirty stories without being gross.

dawn dish soap
dawn dish soap is what's used to clean birds that are affected by oil spills. it's the only dish soap that i'll use. they do a lot to help wildlife in general, so i try to support them in my dish cleaning efforts. also, in england it's called fairy bubbles or something fun like that. for being a cleaning product, it's pretty awesome.

english accents
english accents=hot. that's all.

hardcore porn

i actually only added this to my interests because i don't really believe that people look at my profile. i figured it would be funny to have something unexpected in case anybody took the time to look.

latina gangs

the red-headed slut and i have had long discussions about how we'd like to be hispanic. she wants to be of cuban descent and live in miami and i want to be of mexican descent and live in la. and there's nothing tougher than an la gang of chicks, meng.

rza went to japan and brought me back a pink paul frank sock monkey. the night before he returned was the last episode of friends, and they did a recap of some of phoebe's songs. i'm very upset, because right now i don't remember how the song went, but one of the lines was "and tegrin spelled backwards is nirget." i spent the night at rza's place so that i'd be there when he got home, and he woke me up with the sock monkey in my face. i had that song in my head and the first thing i said was, "can i name him nirget?". later i bought rza a stuffed einstein. nirget and einstein became bff, even though nirget is japanese and einstein is german, and there's a bit of a language barrier.


i love the wu-tang clan with my whole heart. the rza, the gza, raekwon, inspectah deck, ol' dirty bastard, ghostface killah, method man, u-god, masta killa. i love them all. one of my pet peeves is when a person says something along the lines of "i like all music except rap and country." i find that more often than not those people have never taken the time to truly listen to rap or country and are really just basing their opinion on preconceived ideas they have of a particular music genre. the wu-tang clan is oneof the best examples of how rap is art, and i'd even say most of the members of wu-tang are poets to the degree of keats or eliot.
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